Design & Build - Turnkey

Mega Development Inc. provides complete Project Services including Design, Value Engineering, Project Cost Control, Code Compliance, Permitting, Site Development, Construction, Build Out, Occupancy, and User Acclimation.

Conceptual Services

Mega Development Inc. will perform a full array of Project Conceptual Services, including Project Definition, Feasibility Reviews, Conceptual Estimating and Schedule Reviews.

Mega Development Inc. has experience in every type of construction and all the various delivery systems being utilized and therefore, are uniquely qualified to custom tailor our services to your needs.

Project Management

Mega Development Inc. will work with the Project Design Professionals and provide Value Engineering, Construction Cost Control, assist the Design Professionals with Code Compliance and Permitting, and at the discretion of Ownership, either manage a General Contractor of their choice or perform the actual Site Development and Construction. Mega Development Inc. will also manage the Build-Out, Occupancy, and User Acclimation process, if desired.

General Contracting

Mega Development Inc. will perform the physical construction work as defined by the contract documents..