Our Approach

Mega Development’s Headquarters are located in the heart of Fox Lake, IL. This is where we perform our administrative functions, such as accounting, record-keeping, estimating, etc. However, where we perform our real work is at your office, with your other project professionals, at your project site, and with your clients.

To some this may be somewhat confusing, but to us it is what separates us from our competitors. We believe that we must be your advocate regardless of the task we are charged with. For those of you accustomed with the traditional theories of and compelling motivation behind the utilization of a “Construction Manager” you are accustomed to the benefits of an “Owner’s Agent.” Mega Development not only believes, but practices, as the Owner’s Agent in performance of our work.

We have been able to grow and prosper largely due to our recognition of the fact that we need to produce the highest quality project at the lowest cost and in the most timely manner possible.

Simply put, no matter where we fit into your building program, be it as a team member, a leader of the team, or the team, the goal is the same and we will perform accordingly.


Our Approach

Our Story